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Children of Sathya Sai

Collection of sacred garments related to spirituality

Mission - Sacred line - Children of Sathya Sai*

My name is Patrizia and I would like to offer this clothing line
that I have used in various ceremonies and cultures.

Sathya Sai – Collection of sacred garments I was asked to offer it to Humanity, and for me it is a Sacred line. In addition to promoting the Made in Italy brand, I want, through this project, to help and support all people and cultures. Unity is strength. I see this project as a web, where each one plays a part; I like to say that it belongs to everyone and it is for everyone.
For this reason I named it Sacred line. In this era, everything must be done with the heart, as life is teaching us nowadays. All united, all eqaul, with no distinction of creed, culture, age and class; the Love of the Heart is the same for everyone.
Sacred Line. The word sacred has a special meaning for me, it is a way of life. It is an example to follow when relating to all that is around me. It is a reminder of putting into practice daily all the teachings that were offered to me after many years of inner search. For me it is all very simple – just open your pure Heart, like all the wise men of the past taught us; have faith regardless of what life is offering you, and try to understand what life is teaching you and where it is taking you.
Honesty, Respect for ourselves and for our fellow brothers and sisters and Equality, regardless of creed or culture. We have to listen to our Heart as it never lies. When something makes us happy, we should not be afraid to do it; otherwise we should change. Life is Love and Freedom and nobody, other than our Heart, is to tell us what to do. Our Heart is always right.
Compassion. Do every action with Love without thinking of getting something in exchange. Never harm anybody with words or actions. If we are hurt, we should forgive, ask for help and transform everything into Love. This line is important to me and I want to offer it on the market (in the World) because through these clothes, everyone (the entire World) can unite in the same values and teachings that have been offered to us so far.
In this new era there is a need for Union and Collaboration, pure Heart and Love.

IMPORTANT: Sathya and Sai are the names of my children.

Patrizia - Fili di Cristallo

About me

My name is Patrizia. Your help is very important to me.
I would like to offer this clothing line that I have used in various ceremonies and cultures.
I was asked to offer it to Humanity, and for me it is a sacred line.
A heartfelt thank you and I hope you will like it.
As I was taught, if this is the right thing to do, the universe will provide.

The clothes

These clothes are made of cotton, wool, cashmere and pashmine.
The fabrics were purchased in India and Italy. I have designed the models and, with the help of a seamstress, we have created the clothes.

I wore this line of clothes when I had the honour of receiving teachings and wisdom from various cultures. These are the names of the clothes that I will wear and honour in my heart. I use white as a symbol of purity and bright rainbow colours. They are an expression of love. These colours need no words, they speak for themselves and are endowed with soul and spirit. For this reason I hope that they will be purchased throughout the world. Like a web, through union, culture, nationality, creed, because love is one and the same for everyone. I think of it as a way to help humanity.
My Heart is my strength and it tells me what to do. Recently I have understood the meaning of the fabrics. They were created by Gandhi, who said: “Only actions matter. Thoughts, good as they may be, are false pearls until they are turned into actions. Be the change that you want to see in the world.” He expressed non-violence, truth and the defence of human rights (against racism, prejudice and injustice) also with his fabrics, in order to achieve indepedence and equality, and therefore love for our fellow brothers and sisters, as we are all creatures of God.

The same fabrics were used by Mother Teresa of Calcutta who, with her sincerity, helped humanity.

The shop

In my shop I always try to meet the clients' needs by helping them choose innovative hems, passementerie and accessories.

In fact, my clients say that they come to my shop when they want something unique. Here we adjust and transform every garment. I also sell fashion wool and cotton fabrics, accessories, pearls and Gallo socks.
I sell and repair sewing machines. Although I already have 33 years of experience in this field, I want to do more and that's why I added this new line, which allows me to do something to help humanity.

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Figli Sathya Sai

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